Dr. Kibbe Leaves C&C

We are only just out of the gate, but going forward, David C. Kibbe, MD MBA will not be a Principal in Care & Cost.

Dr. Kibbe was instrumental in conceptualizing and developing this site, and while I hope he’ll write and comment from time to time, David has decided that the considerable demands associated with running this site would take a toll on an otherwise very busy consulting practice.

Regular readers – and certainly health IT professionals – know that David is a true visionary and one of the nation’s top authorities on Health IT. An architect of the Continuity of Care Record Standard and the framer of the concept of Clinical Groupware, David has unfailingly worked to push the boundaries of current health IT to its most effective and efficient point.

My writing collaboration with David has been extremely productive. Among the most fertile and expansive minds I’ve ever encountered, we each took the leads on articles bearing on our respective expertise, but challenged the other to make each point more clearly, more powerfully, connecting the specific with the largest principles. It would not be wrong to note that, together, we successfully aired perspectives that were more in the public than the special interest, occasionally with a positive impact on policy or in the market.

I wish Dr. Kibbe every possible success.

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