Secrets of the Best-Run Practices (2nd edition) by Judy Capko – A Book Review by Mitchell Kusy


I was skeptical at plunking down $69 for a book that wasn’t coffee-table quality with high-gloss pages, but this investment was certainly worth it for me, from two vantage points. First, author Judy Capko offers concrete guidance on designing and assessing measurement of a practice’s change efforts. Second, the chapters cover the range of problems that practices face; many practice managers would identify with its descriptions.

First, measurement.  In clear behavioral terms, Ms. Capko walks us through designing a measurement process. For example, in the chapter Measuring the Appointment Schedule, she examines key indicators, getting to the roots of the problem, and then demonstrating how to measure results. In Reshaping the Practice—A New Genre, she describes measuring with hard data in a plastic surgery practice. My only criticism is that I would have liked more, because many practice leaders struggle with these issues.

Secrets is ambitiously comprehensive in scope, addressing topics like mission generation, support staff engagement, workflow issues, risk management, and economic concerns. Even so, the discussions flow logically, and the book never seems disjointed.

For practice leaders who want to engage culture change – on a team, in a department, or at the enterprise level, Secrets of the Best-Run Practices is a must. Thank you, Judy Capko, for this easy-to-read, insightful book on health care practice change management.

Mitchell Kusy, PhD is Senior Consultant with Zolo Healthcare Solutions.

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