Want to Actually Make A Difference? Support Water for People

A couple of years ago one of my longtime friends, Scott Kelly, told me about a philanthropic effort, Water for People, that is among the most pragmatic and useful I’ve heard of.  Scott is a water engineer, and he travels with this organization to villages in under-developed countries. With a team, he helps bring clean water to the village – for example, a well, an aquaduct – and then, equally importantly, they develop a support infrastructure to maintain the water source over time.

Scott told me a profound statistic: half the hospital beds in the world are filled with people who drank bad water. Living in the land of milk and honey as we do (and so often take for granted), we forget that a billion people still live in such dire poverty that the struggle to survive is all consuming. Many, many more are on the lower rungs of the ladder, barely holding on.

Bad water saps the vitality from individuals and societies, and keeps them enslaved.

In the spirit of this season, think of the people who are furthest from the bounty that our own good fortune has bestowed on  us. Make a contribution that can help them and their children get started on the road to better lives. Water for People is an organization dedicated to making that happen.



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