Gregg Masters Interviews Brian on ACO Watch

Gregg Masters is a long time health care manager and analyst who now, among many other things, hosts a health care talk show, ACO Watch, focused on Accountable Care Organizations and what they’ll mean in the health care marketplace, if indeed they do come to fruition in a way that can drive down cost and improve quality.

On January 19th, Greg and I spoke about ACOs, the incentives required to make them work, my skepticism that they can be effective and why, as well as the primary care medical homes that will be required at the front end of the health systems’ networks, acting as independent fiduciaries, for them to get meaningful traction in eliminating waste and promoting appropriate care.

This was done over a phone, so the quality is a little compromised. The show is right at 30 minutes, but the first few will give you a flavor.

Because Gregg is well connected and extremely knowledgeable in health care, he’s lined up a terrific list of health care experts who can speak effectively to different dimensions of ACOs. On the right sidebar, I’ve posted a button that will take you to the most recent edition of ACO Watch. I’ve been listening lately, and found the interviews short enough to be digestible and manageable, given my schedule, entertaining, and most important, useful.

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