This is Investigative Reporting


First published 2/10/11 on [Not] Running A Hospital

The Las Vegas Sun conducted an extensive investigation of the quality of care delivered by hospitals in that section of Nevada. It took two years of research by reporters Marshall Allen and Alex Richards, along with help from lots of support staff. They made use of hundreds of thousands of pieces of information. The material was presented in a multi-part series through 2010. Here is the video summary offered by Brian Greenspun, publisher and editor.

This series exemplifies the potential power of the media in focusing public attention on one of the country’s major public health hazards — being treated in a hospital. To a greater or lesser extent, a similar story could be written in most American cities. But it would take a commitment to write stories that go beyond parroting corporate press releases or believing the advertisements of self-satisfied medical institutions. Perhaps a little less coverage about the weather would free up reporters to dig through a different kind of snow job.

Congratulations to the Las Vegas Sun for showing the way.

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