Please Sign the RUC Petition

Brian Klepper

Right now, the primary care societies are waiting to see whether they receive a high volume of messages from their members demanding that they quit the RUC. While many of us wish that they’d just do the right thing for patients, for primary care physicians and for purchasers, the reality is that’s not how the world works.

Our goal is to facilitate a message that is clear and explicit. If you are a primary care physician (or any kind of health care professional) and believe, as we do, that the RUC’s influence has been disastrous for American health care, then please click here and sign the petition strongly encouraging the primary care societies to de-legitimize the RUC’s activities by visibly and loudly abandoning it. It’ll literally take 2 minutes, and you’ll send an important message that is in all our interests.

Once you’ve done this, please pass this along to your colleagues. Ask them to join with us as well.


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