A Case Study Presentation of the Transport Workers’ Union Clinic in St. Marys, GA

Brian’s Note: As I’ve noted before, I am Chief Development Officer of WeCare TLC, a leading edge onsite clinic firm based in Lake Mary, FL . WeCare now has 15 clinics in 5 states, and typically produces savings of 18-30 percent in the first six months, net of the clinic cost, while measurably improving population health status.

With Will Montoya, the broker on the case, I delivered a 9 minute case study presentation in October 2010 at the Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco, describing the experience and performance of our clinic for the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) in St. Mary’s, GA. The union members are tradespeople on the Kings Bay Submarine Base. The group is fully insured with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia, and has 310 employees and 800 lives.

Prior to having the clinic, TWU had loss ratios (i.e., claims/premium) that typically ran about 85 percent. Within 4 months of the clinic’s opening, their loss ratio had dropped to 42 percent, and it has remained below 55 percent since.

In January 2010, after one year’s experience, BCBSGA offered a 2 year, 7 percent premium reduction. Comparably sized groups in the regions were receiving 25-30 percent annual increases.

While TWU is one of our smaller clinics, the mechanisms in play are the same for all our clinics. We chose this group to profile because the performance numbers were developed, not by us, but by BCBSGA.

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