Paul Ryan (R-WI): The Path To Prosperity – A Vision of America’s Two Futures

One thought on “Paul Ryan (R-WI): The Path To Prosperity – A Vision of America’s Two Futures

  1. The runaway cost of health care, which David Walker called “public enemy #1”, is not going to be controlled simply by extolling a partisan political program aimed at cutting costs, i.e., cutting Medicare expenditures. To the contrary, the last things we need are more government programs. In that regard, any political approach is on the reasonable track with a prescription for less government. Has any taken the time to look at the big picture of Obamacare, in all of it’s bureaucratic glory?

    The solution to our healthcare crisis is less unnecessary spending at the grassroots level, where patients receive too much of everything. We need more patients to be under the care of primary care physicians who oversee the total picture and the total approach in a patient’s health care. We are burning off too much money on stuff that is not necessary and we are choking on our wasteful spending on tests, procedures and drugs.

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