Health is Bliss

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

First posted 7/14/11 on Health Populi

In the ever-morphing space between health, wellness and beauty is the latest online portal called The project was launched by Glam Media, which brings together women-focused brands and social media. Glam boasts a reach of 200 million across all of its online properties, and estimates that will realize an 11 million member community. Its target is “yogis, fitness enthusiasts and health conscious moms,” according to Glam’s website. Bliss Connect is the social networking component on the website for user-generated content.

[In a small-world, two-degrees of separation from my health care world, Glam was in fact inspired by Esther Dyson in 2002.]

With hyperlinks to “eat well,” “get fit,” “mind+spirit,” “head to toe,” and “sanctuary,” this website grabs onto the zeitgeist of Whole Health. Today’s features include “Exercise in Bed,” “Summer Snacks That Won’t Blow Your Calorie Budget,” and “Healthy Now, Healthy Later,” a four-step process to help you sustain good health habits — sponsored by One-A-Day vitamins.

The portal’s name comes from the Bliss Spa, with whom Glam has reached an agreement for use of the brand.

Health Populi’s Hot Points:  This trend reflects what we learned in the first iteration of the Edelman Health Barometer in 2008, shown in the chart, where people define “health and wellness” as a combination of several factors: my physical health, my mental and emotional health, my physical appearance, and my financial health. reflects this paradigm.

Businesses, especially the modern-day chain pharmacy, are the bricks-and-mortar aspect of this. While the ‘back of the store’ dispenses prescription drugs, the profitable ‘front of the store’ looks increasingly like Sephora — with expanding shelves of makeup, SPF-infused moisturizers and makeup products, vitamin-enriched hair care products, and dental health goods multiplying like rabbits. And Sephora, cosmetics uber-destination, now features products like the Clarisonic skin care cleaner with technology innovated in dermatologists’ practices, and the expansive skincare line of Perricone MD which features antioxidants, cosmeceuticals, and nutraceuticals.

Health, meet beauty. Beauty, health. You’re one and the same to a growing cadre of health citizens.

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn is a health economist writing at Health Populi.

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