Who is in Charge of Naming These Drugs?

Brian Klepper

Wiseacre Wife Elaine
Incredulous Scientist Dov

Over at The Doctor Weighs In, C&C regular Dov Michaeli posted a column on exercise and longevity, in which he asks as an aside, “Who is in charge of naming these drugs?”

My wiseacre wife Elaine, unable to resist such a delicious opening, offered the following as a retort:

I have always thought that meds’ ridiculous names sound like some medieval story.

Once upon a time, King Zocor and Queen Zetia ruled over the tiny kingdom of eastern Niaspan.  One day they were attacked by an army of evil Lipitors who were in search of hidden treasures. But King Zocor called out his army of giant Vytorin warriors who crushed the Lipitors.  The king bestowed the highest honor, the order of the Crestor, upon his army and they all lived happily ever after.

Stay tuned for the story of the three headed Torceptrapib.


PS   Do taxane and carboplatin maybe sound like fossil fuels?

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