Headline USA Today: 5% of Patients Account For Half of Health Spending

Tom Emerick

Posted 1/16/11 on Cracking Health Costs

Kudos to USA Today which just ran a story on outliers. Click here to read full story.

Readers of Cracking Health Costs will be  encouraged to see that the popular media is getting the picture right on who is driving health spending.

Citing a report by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, “The report’s findings can be used to predict which consumers are most likely to drive up health care costs and determine the best ways to save money, said Steven Cohen, the report’s lead author.” 

As the quote says, benefit executives can indeed find the major spenders and manage them better.  The first thing to do for the 5% outliers who spend half the health care dollars is to make sure they have the correct diagnoses and treatment plans.  It’s time to get started.

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