USA, Inc.

Brian Klepper

Img_8772lowresMary Meeker is a financial analyst for investment firm Kleiner Perkins, and this report uses publicly available data to provide a non-partisan look at the US’ financial status as if it were a corporation. It is powerful and powerfully disturbing, and very much in sync with recent writings on this blog.

Two videos are below. The first is the report and is long – nearly 45 minutes – but if you can find the time this weekend – it is definitely worth your time.

The second is a brief 5 minute CNBC interview with Ms. Meeker, where she hits the highlights.

The complete report, in PDF slideshow format – there are 483 slides – can be found here.

Thanks to Dan Munro for alerting me to this tour de force document. We’ve recently cross-posted Dan’s insightful Forbes columns here on C&C.

One thought on “USA, Inc.

  1. … thanks for referencing me Brian – but I did not write it. We should all thank Mary Meeker for her amazing effort. Tour de force is an apt description when you see the sheer depth and breadth of the analysis. As I said on my blog – I think it should be “table stakes” for any intelligent economic debate/discussion (IMHO). I forget where – but one of the memorable quotes that I also use often is – “we don’t have a debt problem – we have a healthcare problem.”

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