Calling for Field-Tested Evidence-Based Guidelines

Brian Klepper

Yesterday a nice comment arrived from Robert Gleeson MD, a new visitor to C&C, in response to the CV and lipid protocols developed by Bill Bestermann MD and David Carmouche MD.

Dr. Gleeson said,

“Outstanding. Clearly written and easily understood, evidence based, practical, applicable, designed to improve outcomes and lower costs. We need to find a way to more broadly disseminate these.

And Brian needs to find a way to get more people to submit similar protocols in similar format.”

I’m certainly game, but I’m only in the position to post these guidelines, not identify or evaluate them. So that leaves the task up to the clinicians that visit here. If you know of someone who does superlative work in an area and is willing to memorialize the protocol, by all means, please ask them to submit and, after review and validation, I’ll post for common access.

Thanks so much for the suggestion.

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