Elaine-Waples Klepper (Sept. 3, 1946 – Nov 22, 2014)

SmilingOn Saturday, my precious wife Elaine finally succumbed to a long, protracted battle with  cancer. Below is her obituary, and I’ll also re-run several wonderful health care articles that she wrote over the past few years.

Here is her obituary.

Elaine Waples-Klepper was lost to us on the morning of November 22nd after a 55 month struggle against primary peritoneal (ovarian) cancer. Never, in the marathon of living with this disease, was she pessimistic, self-pitying or given to false hopes. She was reliably pragmatic and believed that living well created the most favorable environment for her care. She remained unfailingly buoyant, witty, graceful and fully engaged in life.

Disciplined and accomplished, she was a gifted pianist, painter and writer and focused on excellence in everything she applied herself to.  She loved reading, travel, cooking, yoga, and treasured quiet contemplation.

Elaine aspired most to be a good daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and friend.  She and husband Brian were deeply-connected throughout a joyful and loving 20 year marriage. She once said that she was most herself when she was with him. Her children, daughter Kathleen (Figurido), son Bill (Waples), stepson Joel (Klepper) and grandson, Justin (Figurido) were the very special people in her life. Elaine grew up in a large family that loved humor and rapid-fire discussion. She was close with her parents, Hank Whipple (deceased) and Pat Cutherell (Bill). She came together whenever possible in boisterous family gatherings with siblings Nick Whipple (Diane), Karen Wilson, Stephen Whipple (Jean), Marilyn Whipple, Richard Whipple (Karen), and David Whipple (Cheryl).  She had a large circle of friends, here and around the country, who reached out constantly and were available.

Elaine received wonderful care from the NE Florida medical community, especially Drs. Stephen Buckley, Richard Glock, NE FL Hospice and their teams. Dear friends Drs. Dov Michaeli and Patricia Salber were supportive throughout the unpredictable terms of her illness. And in Elaine’s final days, Allen Hall, Tasha Hall, Lisa Nass, Paulette Adler, Tom Barr and Barbara Schneider devotedly joined in her care. The family is deeply grateful.

In lieu of flowers, please honor her request for contributions to In The Pink, 522 3rd Street N., Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250, which provides real help to women with cancer.

10 thoughts on “Elaine-Waples Klepper (Sept. 3, 1946 – Nov 22, 2014)

  1. Brian: May the very best of memories be with you night and day. Peace and prayers, Jim

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  2. Oh no; Brian; I am so sorry to hear this and yet have been dreading hearing it. I know there is really nothing comforting to say, but know that you and she made a difference together and you will continue to make a difference in her name.


    bev rogers M.D.

  3. Brian, prayers to you and family for your loss and the difficult journey you have been through. May Elaine be in eternal peace, and you be comforted by the wonderful times you shared.

  4. Brian I am so sorry to hear of your loss, my wife Gloria had a battle with breast cancer and is doing well almost five years now. And I thank God everyday for the time. But not day passes without fear of going threw it again. Again sorry and may God give you strength to carry on.

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