Brian Klepper

Care & Cost was founded and is maintained by Brian Klepper.

Brian Klepper, PhD

bklepper-111516is a health care analyst, commentator and entrepreneur who has specialized on health care market dynamics and the drivers of the cost crisis. He is Principal of Healthcare Performance, Inc. and Worksite Health Advisors, both specialized health benefits consulting firms connecting high performance, high impact health care organizations with organizational health care purchasers and health industry players. He is a former owner and Principal of a worksite clinic/medical risk management firm, and a former CEO of the National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH), representing 52 regional business health coalition and some 5,000 organizational health benefits purchasers.

Much of Brian’s work has been focused on the mechanisms that underlie America’s health care cost crisis and how institutionalized clinical and business practices have distorted care and cost patterns, driving unnecessary cost. His perspective favors patients, whose medical care often exposes them to needless physical risk, and purchasers, whose health care costs are double those in other developed nations, creating a cascade of negative economic impacts.

Brian also has spearheaded policy initiatives that (partially) remedied major health care excesses. For example, his 2009 testimony to a US Health and Human Services committee resulted in the revocation of the monopoly certification rights of the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT), a vendor-led, quasi-governmental agency that used its position and influence to favor incumbents and stifle innovation.

Dr. Klepper is an in-demand speaker who has delivered more than 300 addresses, most of them keynotes, over the past decade. He has written routinely for the physician site Medscape and the business site Employee Benefit News, and has been a regular contributor to The Health Care Blog, The Health Affairs Blog, The Doctor Weighs In, Kevin MD and other expert health care blogs. He is a reviewer for Health Affairs and The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management.

The George Washington University Masters in Health Administration program named Care & Cost, Brian’s commentary site, the best 2016 health care blog written by a health care professional. Care & Cost was also named by Feedspot as a Top 100 Health Care Blog for 2017.

Brian is an Advisor to the Lundberg Institute, which tracks major issues related to patient care, the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative, which advocates for medical homes, and Harvard’s Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare, which seeks to re-humanize the health care associated with serious health conditions. He also advises several for-profit health care groups, including Integrated Mechanical Care, which delivers innovative management of musculoskeletal disorders, and the worksite clinic/medical management firm Eden Health.

In his spare time, Brian is an offshore sailor.

Contact Brian 904.343.2921,

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