Obesity & Vascular Disease



How a Heart Attack Happens. This excellent 7 minute video clearly describes the factors that lead to most heart attacks.

How Most Fatal Heart Attacks Happen. Watch this great (but terrifying) 28 second video showing how a rupture in the plaque lining a vessel results in a blot clot and heart attack.

The End of Overeating. A four minute video in which former FDA Chief David Kessler shows how food companies use the science of fats, sugars and salt to seduce and addict us. He also describes ways to wean ourselves from this assault on our health.

Coronary Calcium Score Can Determine Risk For Heart Attack. In this 3.5 minute video, Dr. Bill Bestermann explains how a coronary calcium score can predict heart attack risk.

Coronary Artery Calcium Score Aids Physicians in Better Understanding Heart Risk. This under-3-minute video clearly explains the value of this test.

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