Using This Site

Care and Cost (C&C) hopes to deliver a high quality, conversational environment that welcomes all types of ideas from its users, so out of the box we’re setting out simple ways we want to do things that are distinctly different from many other health care sites.

Format. Every week day we’ll run four or so post – articles, videos, charts, images – on topics from all of health care. We’ve recruited many thoughtful, experienced, authoritative writers who are practitioners and maintain their own blogs, but we think there is value in aggregating experts into one resource. We’ll also publish, from time to time, pieces that were published in the past, because we think they still have something important to say.

Interest Areas. Not every reader is interested in every topic, so we’ve built in filters that will allow you to narrow your focus. Only interested in articles that bear on being a physician? Click on physicians. Do the same for reform, or any of the other areas.

Urgent Medicine. One of C&C’s goals is to make substantive, independent, refereed review articles available that can help clinical practitioners translate new approaches more easily into practice. Keep an eye out for these pieces.

Charts. Data informs us all about the world and the issues we grapple with. Every day we’ll try to bring you a chart that says something interesting about health care. We’ll maintain a gallery as well, so you can grab those images if you like.

Submissions. Articles about any health care topic are welcome. Please send submissions to The hosts reserve the right to revise, publish or reject any articles. Published materials may be freely reproduced with attribution to C&C.

Comments. Please comment, but also let us know who you are. No anonymity here. All it takes is providing your name and an email address. If its worth saying, then its worth saying openly. (For special circumstances, please contact us.)

Professional Behavior. While healthy disagreement, humor and even sarcasm are fine, courtesy and a respectful tone are still required.

Factual Support. Perspectives that lack substantiation are opinions. If you have a point to make, offer hyper-linked support that strengthens the argument

We hope you enjoy this site as much as we’re enjoying putting it together. Got a question or comment. Reach out anytime at, or send us a tweet at @careandcost.

Brian Klepper, PhD

4 Responses to Using This Site

  1. Tad Fisher says:

    Excellent source for health information.

  2. Renee says:

    Looks like a great source of information. I look forward to reading future posts & participating in the dialog surrounding health care & health care reform in this country.

  3. Very interesting and informative information. Would love to subscribde

  4. jeffreyalanjones says:

    Hi Mr. Klepper. Wanted to let you know about a new podcast episode from the Community Service Society about a unique program called the Harlem Health Advocacy Partners who are tackling high rates of chronic illness in East Harlem.

    Meet Umu Kebbie, Ramone Santana, Linda Garcia and others who are taking charge of their health as participants in Harlem Health Advocacy Partners (HHAP). CSS is a key member of HHAP, which is committed to improving the health of East Harlem’s public housing residents—more than a third of whom suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, and other chronic conditions.

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