Incidentalomas: Reasons to Think Twice about Getting a CT Scan

Kenneth Lin

First published 4/24/11 on Common Sense MD

Mrs. Smith (not her real name) fidgeted in her chair in my examination room as I scanned the radiology report she had given me. She had visited the emergency room the previous evening with severe abdominal pain that had eventually been diagnosed as gastritis, or swelling of the stomach lining due to a virus. During her evaluation, the ER physician had ordered a CT scan of her abdomen and pelvis. Although Mrs. Smith’s liver and intestinesappeared normal, the radiologist had noted a tiny mass on one of her kidneys.

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Will The Value Of Advanced Imaging Prevail?

Brian Baker

So what is the most significant health care technology implemented in health care in the last thirty years? The DaVinci robotic surgery system? Proton Therapy perhaps? No, not those. We want diagnostic, not treatment, technologies.

The answer is advanced imaging. Thirty years ago, a patient presented with non-specific abdominal pain. How did we diagnose it? Palpate, lab tests, order an x-ray. No conclusive results? Send them off to surgery.

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