Is North Carolina Medicaid the Healthcare Industry’s Solyndra?

Al Lewis

Posted 2/21/12 on The Health Care Blog

North Carolina Medicaid recently reported, for the third time, using a third consulting firm, the achievement of massive savings through its patient-centered medical home (PCMH) program, now called Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC). Among other things, CCNC pays the physicians more money in order to encourage and compensate behaviors and processes, including enhanced access to care and case management, to hopefully reduce the need for emergency and inpatient services. (A brief summary of this and past consulting reports appear in the current issue of Modern Health Care.

However, the third time is not a charm. Notwithstanding these consultants’ reports — which paradoxically support my contrary conclusions by choosing to ignore the overwhelming data contradicting their own claims – the program is a total failure as far as reductions in cost and inpatient utilization are concerned.

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More on the Death of Disease Management

Jaan Sidorov

Posted 1/30/12 on The Disease Management Blog

At the email prodding of several colleagues, the Disease Management Care Blog next turns its attention to a blog posting by Archell Georgiou MD provocatively titled “The Death Of Disease Management (Finally!).  The Archelle on Health Blog contrasts the industry’s early promises of evidence-based medicine plus patient self-care with the bitter fruits of non-existent savings, the disappointing Medicare Health Support (MHS) demo and a just-published anti-disease management New England Journal article.

Using that last Journal article as the final word, Dr. Georgiou provides her readers with a graveside eulogy of what went wrong:

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