Cinnamon Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease: Fact or Fancy?

Dov Michaeli

First posted 7/7/11 on The Doctor Weighs In

Dedicated to Avi

A few days ago I received a  breathless call inquiring about reports in the media that cinnamon can  prevent, or even cure Alzheimer’s disease. My usual response to such medical breakthroughs “published” in the newspapers is a barnyard epithet. I want to see it in the peer-reviewed literature. Only then can one have all the data, and render an informed opinion. Remember the sea cucumber as a miracle drug for HIV? Or green tea for colds (do Chinese not get colds, or do their colds last less than the normal 3-4 days)? Or an extract of almond pits for cancer? People actually travelled to Mexico to get injections of the stuff, and missed a chance to treat the disease in its early stages with “mainstream” drugs.

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