6 Big HealthTech Ideas That Will Change Medicine in 2012

Josh Constine

Posted 1/1/12 on TechCrunch

“In the future we might not prescribe drugs all the time, we might prescribe apps.” Singularity University‘s executive director of FutureMed Daniel Kraft M.D. sat down with me to discuss the biggest emerging trends in HealthTech. Here we’ll look at how A.I, big data, 3D printing, social health networks and other new technologies will help you get better medical care. Kraft believes that by analyzing where the field is going, we have the ability to reinvent medicine and build important new business models.

For background, Daniel Kraft studied medicine at Stanford and did his residency at Harvard. He’s the founder of StemCore systems and inventor of the MarrowMiner, a minimally invasive bone marrow stem cell harvesting device. The following is rough transcript of the 6 big ideas Kraft outlined for me at the Practice Fusion conference.

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Miracles Still Happen in the Middle East

Dov Michaeli

Posted 10/26/11 on The Doctor Weighs In

I usually view press releases touting “new miracle drugs” with great skepticism. I usually want to see the paper vetted in the peer-reviewed literature. But this one vanquished my innate cynicism -the development is simply too important, and too amazing,  to pass up. Israel 21c is an online release of the latest scientific, technological and commercial developments in this country. How can you report weekly on development in such a small country? This “startup Nation” as a recent book by Dan Senor called it, is just brimming with entrepreneurial energy, and innovation is the defining attribute of this ancient land.

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