Four Steps To System Improvement in Care Management

Jaan Sidorov

Posted 12/1/11 on the Disease Management Care Blog

The Disease Management Care Blog sympathizes with all those minimally titled and disempowered health system “directors,” “managers,” “VPs,” and “team leaders” who look up from their trenches at the folks running things from afar in their C suites and wonder: how can my bosses be so foolish? With their one-size-fits-all management, organization-wide metrics and devotion to “accreditation,” and “recognition” and “certification,” they’ve forgotten about the patient. Something is so wrong.

If you’re one of these unfortunates, you may want to send the boss a copy of this New England Journal article on the four habits of high value care organizations.  While it’s clear that some provider groups are star performers, policymakers are struggling to find the characteristics that separate the wheat from the chaff.  Author Richard Bohmer helps out by pointing to four key characteristics that drive value. They’re not what the C-suite typically wants.

Those characteristics are:

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