The Debt Ceiling Debate – Some Of These People Are Nuts

Robert Laszewski

First posted 6/27/11 on Health Policy and Marketplace Review

I don’t know about you but the politicians are starting to scare me with their inability to make progress in the federal debt limit discussions. Worse, is the apparent eagerness of some to actually take the government to default to make a political point.

I know a lot of conservatives say missing the August 2 deadline isn’t a big deal but I think it is.

The 2011 deficit is projected to be $1.6 trillion, or about $133 billion a month.

Said another way, the 2011 federal budget is $3.8 trillion. But federal revenues are only about $2.2 trillion—a gap of $1.6 trillion.

That means that 40 cents of every dollar the U.S. government spends in 2011 has to be borrowed!
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