Don Berwick on Patient Centered Health Care

Kenneth Lin

First published 2/14/11 on Common Sense Family Doctor

Brian’s Note: I saw this nice column by Dr. Lin and decided to post it as a complement to another effort that readers may be interested in. Over at Facebook is a page called 100,000 voices for Don Berwick. If you are moved to do so, please check it out and maybe post something on the wall there.

To me it is remarkable that Dr. Berwick, one of the nation’s true examples of servant leadership, has been politically excoriated. Meanwhile, we’ve heard virtually nothing from the leaders of the hospital world, who are, in my experience anyway, overwhelmingly Republicans and who have made the pilgrimages every year for many years to the Institute of Healthcare Improvement meetings, always with enthusiastic support for Dr. Berwick’s vision and activities. So much for conviction and expediency.

I stand with Dr. Lin and Dr. Steuerle below that we get the health care and the government we deserve.

100,000 Voices for Don BerwickI’m a big fan of Don Berwick, the current administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services who last week was on Capitol Hill being grilled by a congressional committee on his views. Although Dr. Berwick (a pediatrician by training) made his reputation in the area of improving patient safety and quality, his views on patient-centered care are what I admire most.

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