The Time Has Come: Physician Productivity and Telemedicine

Richard Reece

Posted 1/10/12 on MedInnovation Blog

Time is totally irreplaceable. Moreover, time is totally perishable and cannot be stored. Yesterday’s time is gone forever and will never come back.

Peter F. Drucker (1909-2005)

This blog’s genesis is three-fold: one, an article I read by Phillip Betbeze, “Telemedicine as Talent Strategy,” in today’s; 2) an interview I conducted in May, 2010 with Ron Pion, MD, chairman of Telemedicine Associates in Los Angeles , titled “The Internet Lifts All Boats”; and 3) frequent Skype conversations I’ve been having with my son, who lives in Madrid, Spain.

From these encounters, I predict: new sophisticated Internet technologies may be key to enhancing physician productivity.

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