Marcus Welby, House, and the Wizard of Oz

Elaine Waples

At a recent dinner party my husband and I joined two other couples in a lively discussion on the frustrations of American health care. We rounded up the usual suspects – cost, quality, access, politics, and broken systems. At some point the conversation took a subtle turn and we began to talk about the doctor-patient relationship.

Before long, I offered a comment that I probably wouldn’t have made before my last two years of serious doctor-going. I said that some patients want their doctors to be a combination of Marcus Welby, House and the Wizard of Oz.  They want a great bedside manner, a brilliant diagnosis, and a miraculous solution. And I suspect that doctors want their patients to be compliant, accept a possible imperfect outcome, and have enough insurance to cover it all.

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Is My Cancer in the Wrong Body Part?

Elaine Waples

Recently, our city hosted the fifth annual national marathon to fight breast cancer.  This is not part of the Komen “race for the cure” but rather a grassroots effort that mushroomed from its inception five years ago into the impressive event it is today. Thousands of people participate as runners,  volunteers, and cheerleaders clad in the signature color.  I must admit, seeing some grown men run twenty six miles wearing pink tu-tus is both awe inspiring and a testament to dedication over self-image.

It’s supporters include corporate sponsors, vendors, and exhibitors, and (no surprise) pharmaceutical companies. Its originators are a local TV celebrity breast cancer survivor and a cancer physician at Mayo clinic. It promises to donate 100% of the money to breast cancer research or care. To date, the event has raised millions of dollars and has met its contribution promise. It’s all very worthy, noble and heartwarming.

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Hello? Its Your Body Talking

Brian’s Note: For the uninitiated, Elaine – aka “The Boss” – is my wonderful wife, and this is her debut on C&C. As you’ll see, she’s a comfortable writer. Her message here is hugely important, and was made all the more so by persistent diarrhea. The big point, though, is that the same principles really apply to us all. Enjoy.

Elaine Waples

Our bodies are pretty savvy in sending us messages about taking care of ourselves.  Most of the time the messages are simple and informative.  Like when we’re tired, we get a signal that tells us to go to sleep.  Occasionally they are a slap on the head because we’ve done something stupid.  These come in the form of things like muscle strains, hangovers, or sunburns.  Then there are the warnings that alert us to things that just aren’t right.  They make up the lists of maladies we commonly refer to as symptoms. The real question is how much attention we pay to them and what we do about them.

My epiphany happened after my body had been delivering a cautionary message for over a year.  I was having some very annoying digestive problems following months of chemotherapy.  To put it politely, food was traveling through my system like an express train.   Since chemo is the granddaddy of side effects, I just assumed my system had been compromised and there wasn’t much to be done.  Nevertheless, every meal had me worried that I would spend some unpleasant time in the bathroom.  I didn’t want to eat out because almost all restaurant food caused misery.

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Who is in Charge of Naming These Drugs?

Brian Klepper

Wiseacre Wife Elaine
Incredulous Scientist Dov

Over at The Doctor Weighs In, C&C regular Dov Michaeli posted a column on exercise and longevity, in which he asks as an aside, “Who is in charge of naming these drugs?”

My wiseacre wife Elaine, unable to resist such a delicious opening, offered the following as a retort:

I have always thought that meds’ ridiculous names sound like some medieval story.

Once upon a time, King Zocor and Queen Zetia ruled over the tiny kingdom of eastern Niaspan.  One day they were attacked by an army of evil Lipitors who were in search of hidden treasures. But King Zocor called out his army of giant Vytorin warriors who crushed the Lipitors.  The king bestowed the highest honor, the order of the Crestor, upon his army and they all lived happily ever after.

Stay tuned for the story of the three headed Torceptrapib.


PS   Do taxane and carboplatin maybe sound like fossil fuels?

Seeking What’s Possible

A little more than 13 months ago, my wonderful wife Elaine was diagnosed with stage 3c primary peritoneal (ovarian) cancer. So the last year has been filled with the ravages of chemo-therapy and all the miseries that attend it.

A devastating diagnosis like this forces you to reassess everything. What we found was that attitude and perspective really do matter, and are the bedrock of happiness, in good times or bad.

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The Makings of A Great Outcome


ElaineLast week my wife and best friend, Elaine, had massive abdominal surgery. We fully expected her to be an inpatient for a week, but she was home in four and half days. To watch her recover was to see what happens when everything converges: the deep knowledge and skills of excellent, humane physicians; a capable, caring clinical staff; wonderful new technologies; and a lifetime of eating right, being fit and tending to one’s health.

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