More Clinicians Understand That Patients Want To Communicate Online

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

First posted 6/26/11 on Health Populi

As people take on more DIY approaches in their daily lives for travel planning, photo management, and investing, they’re looking for health care touchpoints to do the same — especially, their physicians. In 2011, more doctors are responding to this patient-driven demand, based on data published in the InformationWeek digital health care issue July 25, 2011, titled The Pain of Change.

Most patients would be willing to change physician practices if their doctors don’t offer online access to tools, based on a recent survey from Intuit which Health Populi covered in March 2011 here.

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Patients Are Losing Patience Over Time and Medical Bills

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

First published 6/14/11 on Health Populi

When we use the phrase, “patient-physician communication,” we usually think about what goes on in the inner sanctum of the doctor’s office: in the exam room at the point-of-diagnosis, -care and -prescribing. There’s another form of communication that’s frustrating to both sides of the doctor-patient dialogue: phone calls. Patients are hanging up after long hold times, frustratingly waiting for important information about clinical care, insurance questions, and appointment schedule, according to a survey from Intuit.

“Patients are losing patience,” Intuit found. Earlier this year, Intuit learned a lot about what U.S. patients are looking for from their doctors: more self-service options, more online access, and more self-health care tools in patient portals. Furthermore, many patients would consider leaving their current physician’s practice if online options aren’t offered by their doctors, which I wrote about in Health Populi on March 9, 2011.

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