How About Team-Based Care AND Experts

Jaan Sidorov

Posted 5/2/12 on the Disease Management Care Blog

Disease Management Care Blog readers may recall this snarky “It’s Team Based Care, Not More Experts” speechifying that challenged aJohn A Hartford Foundation report on the growing need for expert geriatric care.  The Foundation’s Program Director Christopher Langston responded and, rather than let it languish as a bottom-of-the-page-comment, the DMCB thought it warranted its own separate posting. Dr. Langston makes some good points:

The John A. Hartford Foundation has long recognized (here’s an example) that there are only 24 hours in the day and that teams are critical to delivering quality care in a cost-effective way.

So when we reported the results of our recent poll showing that despite the existence of the new Medicare Annual Wellness Visit benefit, older adults still aren’t getting important assessments (like fall risk, mood screening, or medication review) at adequate rates, we weren’t trying to doctor bash or even suggest that MDs should work harder. They just need to be sure that the work gets done by someone.

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