Connecticut’s Aggressive Program for Employee Health Accountability

Nick Vailas

Posted 12/14/11 on Healthcare Transparency

State of Connecticut employees overwhelmingly selected this fall a health plan that, in exchange for lower costs to them, makes them more financially accountable for their health management.  Some 96% of employees elected the more accountable plan option during plan enrollment in September. State officials had expected a 50% election rate.  The traditional BCBS plan is expected to cost households an additional $1,200.

This is an important milestone because public employee health plans have lagged behind corporate health plans in using dollars to incent households to be more accountable for their health status.

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Throwing Money the Wrong Way

Paul Levy

First posted 9/21/11 on [Not] Running a Hospital

I have talked a bit about using financial incentives to encourage doctors to do a better, more efficient, and/or safer job in practicing medicine.  I have been skeptical of this approach because I do not believe that doctors find such measures to be highly motivational.  In my former hospital, we stayed away from financial incentives and even discussion of finances when we were instituting changes in work practices that improved quality and safety and the work environment.  Instead, issues were framed in terms of the underlying values of doctors.

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