CONGLOMER-ATE: The Consolidation of American Food

Brian’s Note: One of the unexpected but pleasurable developments in the world of content has been the proliferation of “info-graphics,” complicated, highly researched (and annotated) informative images developed by graphic artists that trace the background on an issue.

Somehow, there are people who know that I manage this blog and they send me these. I always review them carefully before posting and, if they pass muster, I save them for the weekend or, in this case, Thankgiving, the most egregious of the American gorge-yourself orgies.

Enjoy. Pass some heightened awareness along with that dressing.

Posted 11/23/11 on Frugal Dad

Take a look at this infographic from the Frugal Dad team. I’ve said it a million times – you get what you pay for, and cheap food is no exception. The amount of consolidation in the industry is shocking, and it’s not getting better any time soon.

If you’ve been following the news, you know that Big Food successfully lobbied this week to have pizza sauce considered a vegetable under school lunch rules. The industry also managed to block most of the nutritional changes that to school lunches that doctors and dieticians had been recommending for years, virtually guaranteeing that America’s schools will continue to serve processed, unhealthy garbage to our children. If you didn’t know that Big Food wields disproportionate influence in America today, reading this infographic will be a great wakeup call.

Oh, and don’t blame me if your Turkey doesn’t taste quite as good on Thursday.

Conglomerate American Food Infographic

Source: Frugal dad