Size Matters

By Dov Michaeli

There are many studies in the economics literature documenting that a tall man has a better chance of landing a job, of getting a higher salary, of advancing faster in their careers, and most importantly, of “getting the girl”. Evolutionary psychologists tell us that “the girl” is not an innocently passive target in this matching game. Women actively select a male that stands a better chance of maximizing the quality of the DNA passed on to their children. Here is a thought: Does this put gold diggers in a somewhat more benign light? One could argue that they simply followed an evolutionary imperative…

That could also provide a theoretical basis for successful CEOs in search of attractive, young and fecund trophy wives. Of course, nothing is risk-free. The trophy wife and the gold  digger may not be interested in DNA at all, although that would greatly upset the theoretical models of our learned evolutionary psychologists and anthropologists.

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