How Patients Disclose Medical Diagnoses Online

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

First posted 7/22/11 on Health Populi

Once upon a time, being diagnosed with the “C” word, cancer, was information that kept people quiet and within the family. Today, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and blogs have increasingly become routine settings for discussions regarding the most personal of concerns” — like health care, according to an analysis titled, Seeking Social Solace: How Patients Use Social Media to Disclose Medical Diagnoses Online from Russell Herder, a Minneapolis-based marketing & PR agency.

The Implications Of Smartphones and Tablets in Patient Care

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

First published 6/17/11 on Health Populi

Physicians who have adopted smartphones and tablet devices access online resources for health more than less mobile physicians. Furthermore, these “Super Mobile” doctors are using mobile platforms at the point of care.

Physicians adoption and use of mobile platforms in health will continue to grow, according to a survey from Quantia Communications, an online physician community. This poll was taken among 3,798 physician members of QuantiaMD’s community in May 2011. Thus, the sample is taken from the community’s 125,000 physicians who are already digitally-savvy doctors. QuantiaMD calls physicians with both mobile and tablet devices “Super Mobile” physicians.

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Doximity – A LinkedIn-Type Social Network for Doctors Only

by Patricia Salber

First published 3/10/11 on The Doctor Weighs In

There is a new social networking site for doctors only. It is called Doximity ( Not only do you have to say you are a doc, the site has to verify that you actually are one to use the site – they say they do this so you don’t get “spammed” by folks joining just so they can sell you stuff (i.e., pharma reps, etc.)

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Social Networks and Life Science Companies: Balancing Regulation and Risk Aversion with Opportunity


Originally published here on 12/15/10 on Health Populi.

One in 3 managers in life science companies — including biotech, pharma, medical device and diagnostics firms — have no plans to engage with online social networks, according to a survey conducted by Deloitte. The key reasons for shying away from social networks include lack of guidelines offered by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), concerns about consumer privacy, and low or uncertain return on investment.

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The Social Life of Pharmaceutical Companies


Originally published on 12/07/10 on Health Populi here.

Exactly one year ago, health care companies, online portals (from Google to health advocacy sites), and advertising agencies serving the health industry convened in Washington, DC, to voice their positions to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) concerning pharmaceutical promotion and social media. It was such a monumental meeting that a tweetstream was initiated at the event that has been ongoing for the past year at #FDASM on Twitter.

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