Observations on the Israeli Health System

Paul Levy

First published 3/9/11 on [Not] Running A Hospital

As I share this view from my room in Tel Aviv after leaving theconference in Haifa, it is a good chance to consider the features of the Israeli health care system and draw some comparisons with that of the US. You can find a full description here, but let me hit the highlights as I understand them, based on discussions over the last two days.

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Hospital Governance Issues in Israel

Paul Levy

First published 3/8/11 on [Not] Running A Hospital

I am currently in Haifa, Israel, addressing a conference being held by the Israel National Institute for Health Policy Research entitled “Governing Hospitals.” Here’s the summary of the program:

As explained here, Israeli hospitals come in several varieties. An excerpt of the context:

Israel has a national health insurance system that provides for universal coverage. Every citizen or permanent resident of Israel is free to choose from among four competing, non- profit-making health plans. The health plans must provide their members with access to a benefits package that is specified within the NHI Law. The system is financed primarily through taxation linked to income (through a combination of earmarked taxes and general revenue). The Government distributes the NHI funds among the health plans according to a capitation formula which takes into account the number of members within each plan and their age mix.

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Push Pins Give A Safety & Quality Update


Originally published here on 12/9/10 on Running A Hospital

From the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Conference in Orlando.

It is not a scientific survey, but these push pins give a sense of what’s working and what’s not in process improvements in the health care field. The boards were posted at the IHI Annual Forum. Forum participants were asked to use red pins to indicate processes “that continue to challenge you” and green pins are the ones “for which you have demonstrated success.” If you compared these year to year, you could get a sense of the general progress of process improvement in hospitals and physician practices. I include just a few examples.

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Mapping Hospital Quality: The Commonwealth Fund’s WhyNotTheBest.org


Let’s say you’re the local Chamber of Commerce exec, or the newspaper editor, or the Chair of the County Commission, and someone points out that your community’s hospital(s) displays substandard quality, based on data the hospital itself had submitted. Think you’d ask for a meeting with the local hospital CEO?

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