Looking Beyond the Money: Crucial Steps to Getting Vaccines to Children

Lois Privor-Dumm

Posted 5/8/12 on Disruptive Women in Health Care

looking-beyond-the-money-crucial-steps-to-getting-vaccines-to-childrenWithout money, many nations can’t afford to tackle health care issues and introduce the life-saving vaccines that are critical to child survival in the developing world.  But even after a vaccine is introduced and money has been spent, some children never see even the first dose.  With so much investment and effort, you wonder — how can that be?

Take Nigeria, the country with the second largest number of child deaths globally.  Over the past few years, they’ve raised vaccine coverage in many parts of the country to nearly 70%.  But progress is fragile, and results uneven.  Some areas have coverage rates above 80%; others are barely providing any vaccine.  Economic status and presence or absence of donor funding don’t fully explain the disparities. It’s not just the money – there must be something more.

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