The Advances That Accompany Physician’s Adoption of Tablets

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

First published 6/2/11 on Health Populi

The past year has seen a huge jump in the number of hours that physicians spend online; at the margin, the increase is due to physicians’ use of online via mobile platforms.

Meredith Abreu-Ressi, President of Manhattan Research, shared her insights into the firm’s study,Taking the Pulse (v. 11), with me today. The top-line finding of the annual survey is that health professionals have quickly adopted mobile platforms in health — with special attention paid to Apple products, the iPhone and the iPad.

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Doctors Love iPads. What Does It Mean? What Does It Mean?

Vince Kuraitis

First published on e-CareManagement on 2/26/11

After attending the largest annual health IT conference of the yearHIMSS 11 –  John Moore reported that “nearly every EHR vendor has an iPad App for the EHR [electronic health record], or will be releasing such this year.”

Doctors love iPads…not surprising? But, how might you explain this?

There are at least two different possibilities:

  • Coincidence Theory
  • Conspiracy Theory

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