Observations on the Israeli Health System

Paul Levy

First published 3/9/11 on [Not] Running A Hospital

As I share this view from my room in Tel Aviv after leaving theconference in Haifa, it is a good chance to consider the features of the Israeli health care system and draw some comparisons with that of the US. You can find a full description here, but let me hit the highlights as I understand them, based on discussions over the last two days.

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Hospital Governance Issues in Israel

Paul Levy

First published 3/8/11 on [Not] Running A Hospital

I am currently in Haifa, Israel, addressing a conference being held by the Israel National Institute for Health Policy Research entitled “Governing Hospitals.” Here’s the summary of the program:

As explained here, Israeli hospitals come in several varieties. An excerpt of the context:

Israel has a national health insurance system that provides for universal coverage. Every citizen or permanent resident of Israel is free to choose from among four competing, non- profit-making health plans. The health plans must provide their members with access to a benefits package that is specified within the NHI Law. The system is financed primarily through taxation linked to income (through a combination of earmarked taxes and general revenue). The Government distributes the NHI funds among the health plans according to a capitation formula which takes into account the number of members within each plan and their age mix.

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