Wyden-Brown And The Health Law: A Match Made In Heaven Or Limbo?

John McDonough

First published 3/8/11 on Kaiser Health News

There is one certainty in the era of the new federal health law —┬ánothing in U.S. health policy will ever be the same.

Every week events take place —┬áregulations are issued, grants are awarded and provisions, such as the 1099 reporting requirement that raised revenue to pay for the measure, face congressional challenges. Each development marks one more step in the continuing transformation of the health system —┬áchanges now put in motion by the sweeping overhaul. In this vein, President Barack Obama’s surprise signal last week to governors that he was willing to give states some extra flexibility in implementing the law is particularly noteworthy because it offers a useful window into the health law’s evolving politics and the future bargaining that will likely take place.

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