How the Medical Device Industry Lobbies

Merrill Goozner

Posted 2/29/12 on Public Citizen

“I think it’s important for members (of Congress) to hear from industry.” So said Carrie Hartgen, a vice-president at AdvaMed, the medical device industry association, discussing another coordinated lobby effort before Congress. Her comment seems insincere because the fact is, Congress is already hearing a lot from the medical device industry. In fact, the industry’s lobbying is particularly acute right now because Congress is scheduled to pass a law reauthorizing user fees that funds review of applications for devices before they can be sold to the public. Lobbyists are arguing for changes that would speed up approval of medical devices in a system that in fact needs to be strengthened to protect patients from defective devices, instead of being weakened to pad profits. While AdvaMedcontinues to put its foot forward in Washington, below are 30 facts that its industry lobbyists will probably neglect to tell Congress.

* All of the facts below and additional information are compiled in the Public Citizen report, Substantially Unsafe.

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