Got a Smartphone? Get a Rhythm.

By Patricia Salber

First posted 10/03/11 on The Doctor Weighs In

There are so many really cool mobile devices and apps out there now.  Here is one I particularly love:  the iPhone ECG.  That’s right folks, click on a cover with embedded sensors and you convert your iPhone 4 into a ECG machine.  There are also business-card sized iCard ECG that you can attach with velcro to the iPhone 3Gs or an iPad. There is also an Android version.

When you hold the phone between two hands or put it on your chest and you detect and automatically upload what the developer, Dr. David Albert, says is a “clinical quality” snapshot of your heart’s rhythm (Lead 1). It is stored on the device and well as being as transmitted and stored on the company, AliveCor‘s servers. It that way it can be made available “instantly” to doctors “anywhere in the world.”

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Is It Contagious? A Health App Targets Kids Health

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

First posted 8/15/11 on Health Populi

‘Tis the season for pink eye, strep throat, head lice, walking pneumonia, and that unpronounceable malady, Molluscum Contagiosum (a viral skin rash). Back-to-school time means time for parents to brace for their kids passing infectious diseases to each other.

It’s timely, then, for the launch of Is It Contagious?, a free mobile health app developed by The Nemours Foundation. Nemours is the pediatric health system with locations in Delaware, Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Originally funded with a legacy from Alfred I. duPont’s will in 1936, the institution carries on Alfred’s vision that, “it is the duty of everyone in the world to do what is within his power to alleviate human suffering.”

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The Implications Of Smartphones and Tablets in Patient Care

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

First published 6/17/11 on Health Populi

Physicians who have adopted smartphones and tablet devices access online resources for health more than less mobile physicians. Furthermore, these “Super Mobile” doctors are using mobile platforms at the point of care.

Physicians adoption and use of mobile platforms in health will continue to grow, according to a survey from Quantia Communications, an online physician community. This poll was taken among 3,798 physician members of QuantiaMD’s community in May 2011. Thus, the sample is taken from the community’s 125,000 physicians who are already digitally-savvy doctors. QuantiaMD calls physicians with both mobile and tablet devices “Super Mobile” physicians.

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Health Care Where We Live, Play, Work and Pray: How Ford & Toyota’s mHealth Pilots Fit into Whole Health

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

First published 5/23/11 on Health Populi

In an interview in March 2011 with the Los Angeles Times, Dr. Regina Benjamin, the U.S. Surgeon General, said, “We can’t look at health in isolation. It’s not just in the doctor’s office. It’s got to be where we live, we work, we play, we pray. If you have a healthy community, you have a healthy individual.”

Ford’s announcement last week that the automaker would team up with WellDoc to incorporate mobile health sensors into the company’s SYNC connectivity system  follows Toyota’s mhealth concept, the RiN, launched in 2007.

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Increasing Smartphone Uptake Will Higher Use Of mHealth Apps Globally

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

First published 4/4/11 on Health Populi

Adoption of mobile health (mHealth) apps will increase by 23% as a compound annual growth rate. according to a forecast from Arthur D. Little (ADL), featured in their report published in April 2011, Capturing Value in the mHealth Oasis.

What is this mHealth Oasis? ADL notes that mobile network operators (MNOs — mobile phone companies) see gold in them thar’ health hills given unsustainable health economies the world over. However, ADL rightly points out that mobile health is just about as easy to conquer as any other aspect of health technology, full of minefields. ADL lays out the success factors for MNOs who want to engage in mHealth.

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Meeker & Murphy on Mobile – Through the Lens of Health


First published 2/11/11

We technology market data junkies look to several thought leaders throughout the year for updates on their forecasts: one of these, for me, is Mary Meeker. Now with KPCB (who some of you know as Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Myers, the Silicon Valley venture capital company), Meeker has surveyed the morphing field of mobile and finalized her snapshot in Top Mobile Internet Trends, along with her colleague Matt Murphy.

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