Massage and Your Brain

Dov Michaeli

Posted 2/7/12 on The Doctor Weighs In

For Elizabeth, Super Yogi

Incredulous Dov

In a previous post we described the benefit of massage at the crime scene, so to speak, the site of the muscle injury. The mechanical deformation of tissue causes reduction in local inflammation, increases the biogenesis of mitochondria, and accelerates the remodeling of the injured tissue. But could that account for the emotional experience of massage? How could all these local effects cause the sense of relaxation and general well-being? In short: they don’t.

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Serotonin and Foul Mood

By Dov Michaeli

You know who I am talking about; yes it’s you! Here we are driving across the beautiful countryside, admiring the tall Ponderosa pines, the Big Sky country, big smiles across our faces. Then you fall quiet. Are you lost in thought? Are you contemplating the meaning of life? “Anything wrong”? I ask. “I am hungry!!!” you blurt out, not so much an answer as a cri de coer.

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