The Web of Morgellons


First published 2/19/11 on Neuroskeptic

A fascinating new paper:  Morgellons Disease, or Antipsychotic-ResponsiveDelusional Parasitosis, in an HIV Patient: Beliefs in The Age of the Internet

“Mr. A” was a 43-year-old man…His most pressing medical complaint was worrisome fatigue. He was not depressed…had no formal psychiatric history, no family psychiatric history, and he was a successful businessman.

He was referred to the psychiatry department by his primary-care physician (PCP) because of a 2-year-long complaint of pruritus [itching] accompanied by the belief of being infested with parasites. Numerous visits to the infectious disease clinic and an extensive medical work-up…had not uncovered any medical disorder, to the patient’s great frustration.

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