JWT Foodspotting: Food=Health

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

Posted 2/12/12 on Health Populi

35% of consumers who have been altering their food intake to lose weight are eating fewer processed foods, according to a recent Nielsen Global Survey. This percentage has grown from 29% in 2008.

Health and wellness is one of three driving forces shaping food in 2012, according to JWT‘sWhat’s Cooking: Trends in Food. The other two forces, technology and foodie culture, combine with health/wellness and yield some interesting consumer trends in the milieu of food.

JWT’s top food issues to watch are:

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Hello? Its Your Body Talking

Brian’s Note: For the uninitiated, Elaine – aka “The Boss” – is my wonderful wife, and this is her debut on C&C. As you’ll see, she’s a comfortable writer. Her message here is hugely important, and was made all the more so by persistent diarrhea. The big point, though, is that the same principles really apply to us all. Enjoy.

Elaine Waples

Our bodies are pretty savvy in sending us messages about taking care of ourselves.  Most of the time the messages are simple and informative.  Like when we’re tired, we get a signal that tells us to go to sleep.  Occasionally they are a slap on the head because we’ve done something stupid.  These come in the form of things like muscle strains, hangovers, or sunburns.  Then there are the warnings that alert us to things that just aren’t right.  They make up the lists of maladies we commonly refer to as symptoms. The real question is how much attention we pay to them and what we do about them.

My epiphany happened after my body had been delivering a cautionary message for over a year.  I was having some very annoying digestive problems following months of chemotherapy.  To put it politely, food was traveling through my system like an express train.   Since chemo is the granddaddy of side effects, I just assumed my system had been compromised and there wasn’t much to be done.  Nevertheless, every meal had me worried that I would spend some unpleasant time in the bathroom.  I didn’t want to eat out because almost all restaurant food caused misery.

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Debunking “the Breakfast Protection” Myth


Originally published 1/17/11 at The Doctor Weighs In.

Dieters, haven’t we all been told “Don’t skip breakfast?”   And, how about this one: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?”  “A good breakfast is THE key to dieting success.”  Right?

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