Happy New Year Health Care System: Are You Ready For The Boomers?


Originally published 1/1/11 on The Doctor Weighs In

Today is not only the first day of the New Year (Happy New Year everyone), it is also the first day that the very first Boomers hit 65.   There are 79 million of us and we will be blasting our way into Medicare with our usual self-absorbed focus on getting it all…for ourselves.  Just in case you have forgotten, we are the generation that believed we could consume drugs with abandon and have sex whenever and with whomever we felt like – all without consequences.   Sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.  So much fun, while it lasted (think Woodstock, not Altamont).

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Hamster Medicine

Originally published 10/27/2010 on The Doctor Weighs In


No, I am not blogging on veterinary topics now.  Hamster medicine refers to the current practice of primary care in America.  The term was used today by Elliott Fisher – one of the fathers of the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) movement  – at the big ACO Conference held in LA [10/25-27, 2010].  ACOs, by the way, are the hottest thing in the health care industry to date.  Everyone wants to have one, build one, buy one, consult to one or in some other way be affiliated with one – hopefully for the purpose of making money or growing/preserving your share of the lucrative health care market – and, by the way, perhaps improving care along the way.

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Christmas Eve on Easter Island


Brian’s Note: Our friends Pat & Dov are genuinely intrepid travelers and adventuresome souls. In their most recent excursion, they’ve spent the last several weeks in the southern regions, including a trip to Antarctica, and now Easter Island. Here’s a report on a Christmas service last night on Easter Island that’s worth sharing.

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How To Get Your Doctor To FINALLY Use A Computer


Originally published 11/19/10 on The Doctor Weighs In.

I had the chance to attend the first ever user’s conference of Practice Fusion – a company that provides Electronic Medical Records to doctors over the web for free (free!).  It was a most amazing experience to hear users of the product clap and cheer with every announcement of an improvement or an update.  Love this idea.  Love that it is free.  Love that they are cranking out code as fast as they can to respond to the requests of their customers.

I asked the PF folks if they could help our dear readers at TDWI understand why this is so important.  Here is the response from the founder and CEO of this amazing company:

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Fat Teens Often Become Very Fat Adults


Originally published 12/2/10 here on The Doctor Weighs In.

When I was a kid, people used to say, “Oh, don’t worry, she will outgrow her baby fat.” And, by and large, I did.  I was an average-sized teen and young adult, and, like most Americans, only started packing on the pounds later in life.  But things are different now.

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Do-It-Yourself Health Care


Originally Published 7/01/10 on The Doctor Weighs In.

I was debating merits of DIY healthcare with my buddy, Brian Klepper the other day.  He is not a fan, preferring instead to have better, stronger, more informed, technologically enabled physicians working in accountable care organizations.   I am also a big believer in ACOs, patient-centered medical homes, and informed physicians, and all that stuff, but I think increasingly health care consumers (aka patients) are going to want to control more of their healthcare than they are currently able to do today.

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