Creating Value-Based Incentives for Primary Care

Brian Klepper and David Kibbe

Posted 6/2/11 on The Health Affairs Blog

In a remarkable recent interview, Donald Berwick MD, Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), eloquently described his vision of value-based health care.

Paying for value is an incentive…The underlying idea of improvement is that American health care, historically built in fragments, often cannot achieve for patients what it really wants to achieve…Health delivery system reform refers to really reconfiguring care into much more seamless coordinated-care operations so that people, especially those with chronic illnesses, experience continuity of care over time and space.

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Twice-Told Tale

Paul Levy

First published on Not Running a Hospital

Back in 2008, Charlie Baker, then CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and I, then head of a hospital, claimed that the market power displayed by the dominant provider system in the state and supported by the state’s largest insurer resulted in a large disparity in health care payments. We argued that this disparity contributed to unnecessarily high health care costs in the state. We both did this publicly, willing to put our assertions to the test. The quotes in response to this in a Boston Globe story were notable, but they did little to undercut our premises.
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Paying for Outcomes

John McDonough

First published 5/9/11 on Kaiser Health News

Norbert Goldfield
Richard Averill

When it comes to reducing or controlling rising health care costs, we face a problem called “the fierce urgency of NOW.”

We have learned from the Medicare and Medicaid budget proposals by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., that Republicans have no substantive ideas on how to address these costs beyond shifting the bill to consumers and states. We also know that Democrats embedded a lot of promising ideas to generate savings into the health law — concepts ranging from medical homes and accountable care organizations to payment bundling and value-based insurance design. But these ideas will take time before we know if and how well they work.

But time is something we don’t have.

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More on the Global Reimbursement Deal Between BIDMC’s Physician Organization and BCBSMA

Here’s a follow-up to yesterday’s Paul Levy article about the global reimbursement arrangement between the 1800 physician Beth Israel Deaconess Physician Organization and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts’. This video interview and accompanying article are with Dr. Stuart Rosenberg, a “Payment Reform Experimenter-in-Chief.”