Weekend Athelete: Should You Have Sex Friday Night?

Dov Michaeli

Posted 3/06/12

Incredulous Dov

The Rabbis of the Talmud decreed that having sex on Friday is a Mitzvah (a must do)! But I have a sneaking suspicion they didn’t have athletic performance in mind. On the other hand, for many years, football coaches, Olympic athletes, and even Muhammad Ali, have advocated sexual abstinence the night before an athletic event. Marty Liquori, one the world’s number one-ranked 5,000-meter runner believes that Sex makes you happy, and happy people don’t run a 3:47 mile. Marv Levy, head coach of the Buffalo Bills, insisted that the team be separated from their wives before their appearance in four Super Bowls; a policy that apparently was not successful (four losses out of four Super Bowls).

On the other hand, there are also plenty of anecdotal stories of athletes who claim to have benefited from sex the night before an event. Both U.S. track star David Wottle and Canadian downhill skier Karin Lee Gardner attribute their Olympic gold medals in part to their pre-race preparation.

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Semen Causes a Surgeon to Lose his Job

Patricia Salber

First published 4/20/11 on The Doctor Weighs In

This is actually a pretty funny story, except someone lost his job, and that is not so funny.  Here is what happened.  Lazar Greenfield, professor emeritus of surgery at the University of Michigan, in his capacity as lead editor of Surgery News, “the official newspaper of the American College of Surgeons,” published an opinion piece under the heading “Gut Feeling” in the February issue, evidently in honor of Valentine’s day.  BTW, Dr. Greenfield is also President-elect of the ACS, a position he probably spent many hours working (and schmoozing) to attain.

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The Case of the Lost Hairy Penis

By Dov Michaeli

First published 3/10/11 on The Doctor Weighs In

This blog is posted by popular demand. Well, what I really mean, my popular spouse’s demand. She couldn’t wait for me to open my eyes this morning and greet me with, not her usual cheery “Good Morning” or “another day in Paradise”, but with the news that humans of the male persuasion are bereft of spiny penises! I thought she quit LSD decades ago. Anyway, she demanded an explanation, and I had to bow to “the popular’s” demand. So here goes.

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