Got Sleep Apnea? Can Do CPAP? How About Playing the Didgeridoo?

by Patricia Salber

Ok, so it is official.  I am a CPAP failure.  I gave it my best effort, but I just couldn’t do it. The first night I used the machine, I got in 4 hours before the noise woke me up and I couldn’t fall asleep again.  Despite that, I felt great the next day…this sent a message to me that my sleep has been seriously disrupted by the apnea.

The next night, the CPAP nasal pillows rubbed my nostrils and drove me crazy….crazy…crazy.  My sleep was fitful.  The final night of my failed trial, it was both the noise and the nostrils that took be from a beautiful pre-CPAP drowsiness to an angry, wide-awakefulness due to trying to sleep with this “therapy” on my face.  After two hours, I ripped the nasal pillows off of my face and threw them to the ground.  I promptly fell asleep and awoke the next day feeling pretty darn good.

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Sleep Apnea: One More Thing To Deal With

Pat Salber

First published 3/28/11 on The Doctor Weighs In

I work hard at staying healthy – you know, eat right per the Michael Pollan prescription, exercise (5 days a week with a trainer and two on my own), all things in moderation – except for the Chardonnay – my beloved, but almost only vice.

But I got the bad genes to contend with (thanks Mom, thanks Dad).  I long ago reconciled myself to taking a pile of pills every morning to control the array of metabolic syndrome issues I inherited.  There are two pills for blood pressure (and, most recently, a smelly, neon yellow pill to raise my potassium level – lowered by the diuretic I take).  Then there is the statin for bad lipids and the allopurinol to prevent recurrent gout attacks.  And three pills, to replace stuff I don’t make enough of any more – thyroid, a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), and Vitamin D.

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