Social Upheavals and Climate Change

By Dov Michaeli

First published 2/23/11 on The Doctor Weighs In

You wouldn’t expect a moneymen or a Government bureaucrat to make a profound historical observation, would you. So here is the NYT (Sunday, 2/20/11) reporting on Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner at the G20 meeting this weekend: “One of the major factors fanning wide social unrest in the region, he and other said, were high food and commodity prices.

The International Monetary Fund estimates that commodity prices jumped 20-30 last year, a trend that Mr. Strauss-Kahn (IMF director) said was creating a lot of problems for low-income countries and vulnerable people.”

“Robert Zoellick, the president of the World Bank ( for perspective, he is one of the neocons and was number three in the Pentagon during the Bush administration -DM) said “We are reaching a danger point in these countries. He said he urged G20 officials to “put food first in 2011” even as they bicker over technical ways to measure imbalances in the world economy.”

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