USA, Inc.

Brian Klepper

Img_8772lowresMary Meeker is a financial analyst for investment firm Kleiner Perkins, and this report uses publicly available data to provide a non-partisan look at the US’ financial status as if it were a corporation. It is powerful and powerfully disturbing, and very much in sync with recent writings on this blog.

Two videos are below. The first is the report and is long – nearly 45 minutes – but if you can find the time this weekend – it is definitely worth your time.

The second is a brief 5 minute CNBC interview with Ms. Meeker, where she hits the highlights.

The complete report, in PDF slideshow format – there are 483 slides – can be found here.

Thanks to Dan Munro for alerting me to this tour de force document. We’ve recently cross-posted Dan’s insightful Forbes columns here on C&C.