I am delighted to introduce¬†Care & Cost (C&C), a new expert health care forum, by and for health care professionals and others. There will be topics for everyone in health care, as well as within channels that target specific professional disciplines. Most of all, we’ll work hard to make this fun, engaging, intellectually fresh, and worth your precious time.

I am a longtime health care analyst, advisor and commentator, writing about health care innovation, market dynamics, technologies, and economics.

That said, while I’ll host and write regularly on C&C, my hope is that this site will become a marketplace of ideas from all over health care: supply chain (drugs, devices, supplies), health information technologies, care delivery, finance and all the sub-sectors and disciplines that work within and support them.

In other words, I want this to be a site for field practitioners of all types so we all can broaden our understanding of the realities that really do shape health care in the US and globally. This means that this site will encourage a free exchange that includes physicians, health plan managers, benefits managers, health system executives and supply chain managers, yes, but also respiratory therapists, underwriters, health plan brokers, drug reps, imaging consultants, and anyone else who works day-to-day in health care and believes there is a story to tell or a perspective that merits being heard.

I really look forward to sharing this space with you.

Brian Klepper, PhD