Employer Incentives for Healthy Behaviors on the Rise

Nick Vailas

Posted 2/28/12 on Healthcare Transparency Now

Mercer in late 2011 reported that employer incentives for healthy behavior of employees have grown.

Tougher wellness program design, coupled with price transparency of care, lead the American household to greater accountability for their health.

It is obvious when issues of the heart effect people’s pocketbook, you get greater participation.  It’s called “skin in the game”.  By giving people firm incentives to take care of their health is an essential component in solving our healthcare cost problem.

Any solution to the healthcare cost problem devoid of personal responsibility or “skin in the game”, price transparency will fail.

It is essential that to get desired behavior, people need to have “skin in the game” or a firm incentive as well as the tools to be able to take responsibility.

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